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Sanny Aung

How long have you been modeling?

I started modeling when I was 18 but wasn't too serious about it then and most of my work was in commercial, print and film. All of them were in the mainstream and did not consist of the type of work I am accepting today.

What made you decide to pursue a career in modeling?

Actually I'm really not pursuing a career in modeling. It's more of a hobby for me. I see myself doing this for another 3-5 years and most likely giving it up at that point. I just really enjoy being in front of the camera and it has really helped my self-esteem and confidence. The best part is meeting and making new friends with all the photographers and models I've worked with not to mention my great fans who are always sending me kind words of encouragement, gifts, and are always there to make my day a bit brighter. Its nice to hear from people you don't even know from all over the world recognizing your work and being able to meet some of them in person.

What impact has modeling had on your personal life?

Same as above...I've met lots of interesting people, created some wonderful images I could be proud of and most importantly I've learned to like myself for who I am. I use to be an extremely shy girl whose always been afraid to mouth my opinion. Well now I'm just me and for those that don't like what they see or hear....well they'll just have to live with it and that's that!

Overall, what has been your opinion of the modeling industry as a whole?

It's a lot of hard work but well worth it for me. There are a lot of scams to be wary of but also a lot of good reputable people/company who really do care about getting you where you want to be. I have all my photographers, agencies, models and sites who've allowed me to be a feature on their site to thank for this.

Do you feel that your ethnic(asian) background has had a positive and/or negative impact on your career in modeling?

I think it is more of a positive impact. The Asian community is really growing and you're seeing more and more Asian models online. We're really taking the market by surprise!

What do you intend to gain or get out of your career in modeling?

Just to have fun, make friends and have something to look back to when it's all done and over with. Of course making some bonus money isn't so bad either LOL.

What are some of the projects you're currently working on?

I've only recently begun to expand my opportunities by limiting my boundaries. Now I'm looking forward to traveling throughout the US for projects that I was unable to accept in the past due to my previous limits. I'm in the process of booking some projects in LA for mid Feb and should have lots to show when I get back. Check my website for updates on these projects.

What are your turn-ons?

I can't resist a man who can make me laugh, smells good and enjoys giving 2 hour massages LOL. Intelligence, charm, sense of humor, open-mindedness and a sense of adventure are always good qualities.

What are your turn-offs?

Fake people (why can't we just be ourselves), bad hygiene, no class, foul language and those that puts others down so they can feel better about themselves.

How would you describe your overall personality?

I'm really easy going, friendly, down to earth and very open minded. I believe that everyone is unique in their own way and should not be judged on their appearance, what they do or their past. The only thing that some people may not like about me is my sharp tongue...I'm quick to say what is on my mind and I don't sugar coat - I tell it like it is baby!

What would you consider your greatest strength?

Hmmh, it's getting late and that's a tough question cause I feel I've got lots of strength but I'll have to say that I'm a very stubborn girl, can't believe that would be considered a strength huh. Well being stubborn makes me dedicated, I go after what I want and make sure I've given it my everything before calling it quits...that is if I do quit.

What would you consider your greatest physical asset?

I've been told often it is my dimples but I think I'd have to say personally I like my lips the most. They're not too big and definitely not too small :).

What do you consider the perfect first date?

It'd be great if the guy actually arrives on time, brings flowers and treats you like a lady (you know like open the door, pull out your chair and hand feed you hehehe). It helps if he's a great kisser and pulls one on you when you least expect it.

What are some of your other interest outside of modeling?

I love working on my computer and do so everyday as much as I can. I like picking up new software programs and self-teaching myself. Of course I am also a girl so I like the usual dancing, movies, shopping etc..

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully with a family of 4 (me my husband and 2 kids, boy and girl) and my own successful web design firm.

What advice would you give to young women considering a career in modeling?

Life's too short to think about the what if's, do what you want and do it well. Don't let what others think keep you from accomplishing your goals but at the same time don't sacrifice your morals to please someone else. There are a lot of bad people out there to take advantage of you so keep your eyes and ears open. Check all your references and always bring a chaperone with you on a first meeting if at all possible.


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